North Texas Dentistry Volume 9 Issue 4 2019 ISSUE 4 DE | Page 14

laboratory news 5 REASONS TO CHOOSE A DIGITAL DENTAL LAB PARTNER A by Adam Prewitt s digital technology continues to transform the dental indus- try, it is becoming increasingly important for dentists to choose a fully digital lab partner as they adapt to mod- ern day dental practices. Advanced tech- nology not only improves efficiency but also provides better patient outcomes by minimizing poor marginal fits, as well as increases accuracy and access to advanced, esthetic, and bio-compatible all-ceramic materials. The transforma- tion of the dental industry and its inno- vative technology has also improved 1 Digital Patient File Management Due to the advancements in digital tech- nologies, dental practices are streamlin- ing their operations. Through utilizing patient file management through various software platforms, data analytics and marketing software such as CareCru and interactive patient reminders, the front office communication of the dental industry has been greatly enhanced. It is important for every dental professional to know that these advancements are not only found on the front end, but through the back end of communicating with den- tal laboratories. 2 Efficiency of Digital Technology With the integration of digital technolo- gies in the dental practice such as digital diagnostic devices, digital caries detec- tion, digital x-rays, smile designing soft- ware, and digital impression systems, dentists now have the opportunity for advanced treatment planning that results in higher patient success rates. Through these technologies, patients are more educated, involved, receive faster care, more appeasing esthetics, greater com- fort, and overall better-quality solutions. For dentists, going digital enhances their patient’s experience while easing their own experience with the dental lab through cloud-based technologies. Utiliz- ing digital gateways such as Sirona Con- nect, Itero, 3Shape Communicate, DDX, and laboratories using their own user portals for digital prescriptions and case submission, makes communication with dental lab partners much more efficient. 3 Effective Communication Fully digital laboratories are rapidly changing the way they communicate with 14 NORTH TEXAS DENTISTRY | the dentists. Instead of taking a tradi- tional impression, dentists can now use an intraoral scanner to acquire a 3D image which is immediately sent and uploaded to the lab, creating an entirely virtual experience. In addition, through the use of online case submission, dental laboratories can easily assist in treatment planning, design and dental prosthesis fabrication. Through this technology – together – we are able to accurately and efficiently create results that are more functional and more esthetic. 4 Enhanced Delivery Times Laboratories that are fully digital also greatly reduce the delivery time of cases to the dentist, which in turn, cuts down on patient wait times and helps with effi- cient scheduling. Think about it... by eliminating the need to fill out a tradi- tional prescription, schedule a pick up or shipping, then waiting until its actually picked up or shipped easily and immedi- ately reduces the turnaround time. Many labs offer discounts on digital cases as well. Without the need for tradi- tional impressions, and in some cases models, this approach is both time and cost effective.