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Workshops in Focus October 2016 Reading 'Pride and Prejudice' in Fel's Book Club By Fel CastaƱeda - Throughout October we had a four session , workshop every Tuesday of the month which ' served as a book club for Jane Austen s novel '. and Prejudice ' Pride We would read key passages from the novel and discuss the more transcendent themes of the novel each week during the . workshop , Additionally video series called we would watch an online ' ', The Lizzie Bennett Diaries . which is a modern adaptation of the same story , had some amazing discussions each Tuesday We from what made Batman and Elizabeth Bennet , compelling characters These Fascinating Movies . to affect us so deeply , ' and I hope more people can join us for next year s . book club The purpose of this workshop was to help students learn more about different films and become actors and directors of their own movie . The students discussed , their favorite movies and shared . the best moments of them The games during the workshop helped , to make it more interactive and fun but at the same time encouraged everyone to feel more relaxed and . not be afraid of doing the tasks NOVEMBER 2016 | 05 It was a great reminder of the value of language expression and communication By Bogdana Filonich trailers to why some stories are able