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They arranged the wire setting and gave a spectacular performance to the Notre Dame tourists. Unlike the tourists, the police weren’t at all pleased to see his performance, for it was done illegally.  Then Philippe met his next assistant, Jean-Francois, a math teacher who could not speak English, but responded well when spoken with math equations. Yet unlike Philippe, he was extremely frightened of heights. Following this, the team travelled to New York City, and they came face-to-face with the sky-high Twin Towers and felt small, as one may presume. The height of the towers was no turning point for Philippe, but was actually the point that motivated him most. So, what can we learn from this movie? Well, my fellow reader,  it teaches you not to give up your dreams or goals. Despite people not taking him seriously, he did not give up on himself. It also teaches us how achievement is born from commitment, sacrifice, determination, and passion. So, the next time when time gets hard, remember for what reason you’re doing it. To me, this was an extremely motivating and uplifting movie, so I was absorbed into the movie like water would be into a sponge. I recommend this movie to anyone who loves thrilling movies with daring acts. It is definitely a great movie for those who need encouragement and courage, too, since that is what the main character spreads throughout the movie. This movie is rated a PG-13 with occasional strong language and a few disturbing scenes.  APRIL 2017 | 11