Newsletter September 2018, Issue 3 | Page 3

September 2018


Mrs. El Serafi was followed by Mr. Hossam El-Garrahi (Deputy head of Membership Division), who together with his colleagues from the same division, presented the Membership rules and regulations, as well as the role of their division in the Egyptian Market. After, they had a group discussion with participants to reveal the membership rules in other countries.

After the end of the session, the participants had the opportunity to visit Giza and the Pyramids of Egypt, as well as to enjoy the Sound&Light show getting closer to the Egyptian history and culture.

The topic of the third day was Surveillance. This year FEAS Secretariat invited Mr. Mohammad Abu Baker - Acting Chief Operations Officer of FEAS Member Palestine Exchange (PEX). Mr. Abu Baker spoke about the Surveillance Framework and presented the results of FEAS Surveillance task force, which was led by PEX.

The third day was continued with the presentation of Mr. Mostafa Barakat - Section Head of Surveillance Division in EGX. Mr. Barakat presented the Surveillance rules and regulations in EGX, as well as the Surveillance operations system and its importance in the Egyptian Market. The day was concluded with the presentation of Mr. Ahmed Abu ElSaad (Managing Director of Rasmala Egypt), who spoke about the Economic reform story of Egypt, as well as about the development and opportunities of current Egyptian Market. After a very informative training day EGX has organized a city tour around the Old Cairo city for the participants of the training.

Another day of training started with the presentation about Risk Management and its types. The session was held by the Supervisor of Risk Management Department of EGX – Ms. Hanan Hamdi. She was followed by Mr. Ahmed Roushdy (Deputy Manager of the Risk Management Department), who had a presentation on Sustainability. He spoke particularly about why sustainability is important for the capital market, about global and regional sustainability initiatives, as well as presented EGX sustainability Index Case.

The day was concluded with the participants' visit to Disclosure and Surveillance departments of EGX, where they had the opportunity to communicate with the employees and to see their systems in practice.

During the final day of 7th Onsite training, the participants of the training visited the Egyptian Exchange and its museum. The Chairman of EGX Mr. Mohamed Farid Saleh welcomed all the participants, congratulated them on the successful end of the training program and handed them training certificates.

In the second half of the day, participants visited the Misr for Central Clearing, Depository and Registry (MCDR), where they were given a presentation by Dr. Tarek Ezzat Abdelbary (CEO of MCDR) on the activities and programs of MCDR.

2018 Fellows (in alphabetical order): Ali A. Aqoolee (Iraq SE), Golibjon Tursunov (Republican SE "Tashkent"), Hamza Al-Zamar (Amman SE), Hasmik Zakaryan (Nasdaq OMX Armenia), Hayk Babayan (Central Depository of Armenia), Lina Abu-Diab (Palestine Exchange), Mahdi Mahdian (CSD of Iran), Mohammed Al Hasani (Muscat Securities Market), Najed Al Najdawi (SDC of Jordan), Negin Allahyari Sani (Iran Fara Bourse), Shalena Hanif (Boursa Kuwait), Timur Kazgambayev (Kazakhstan SE).