Newsletter September 2018, Issue 3 | Page 2

FEAS 7th Onsite Training Program

Took place in Egypt


Since 2011, The Federation of Euro-Asian Stock Exchanges (FEAS) in cooperation with its members has been conducting an onsite training program. The primary objective of the program is to provide junior and mid-level employees of FEAS members with hands-on experience in peer institutions. The program enables the participants to gain insights and perspective on different levels of the working environment in capital markets. Further, the participants can mingle and share their views and ideas with others.

Participant selection criteria stay the same as for the previous years. Candidates were chosen based on their English proficiency and the results of the oral interview conducted by the Secretariat. At the end of the program, each fellow is awarded a certificate.

Since its inception, the Onsite Training Program has been hosted by Borsa Istanbul, Tehran Stock Exchange, Egyptian Exchange, Muscat Securities Market, Kazakhstan Stock Exchange and this year it was hosted by the Egyptian Stock Exchange second time.

Twelve fellows from FEAS members attended the 2018 program which took place on 16-20 September, in the EGX Smart Village. Participating members were Amman Stock Exchange, Boursa Kuwait, Central Depository of Armenia, Central Securities Depository of Iran, Iran Fara Bourse, Iraq Stock Exchange, Kazakhstan Stock Exchange, Muscat Securities Market, Nasdaq OMX Armenia, Palestine Exchange, Securities Depository Center of Jordan, and Tashkent Stock Exchange.

The training started on 16 September with the presentation on the overview of the Egyptian market, presented by Ms. Dina Kamal - Section Head of Research & Markets Development department.

Ms. Kamal spoke about the economic reforms in Egypt, as well as about the history of EGX, its development and products.

Then Mr. Ahmed Talaat - Deputy Manager of Technical Follow-up Department, and Mr. Mohammad Alshaikh - Manager of Amendments Department, had a presentation about listing rules & regulations in the Egyptian market.

The second half of the day was summed up with the presentation of Mr. Mohamed Selim - Deputy Manager of Market Operations Department, who spoke about the market structure, as well as about trading & settlement cycle in EGX.

The second day of the training was opened with the presentation of Mrs. Hebatallah El Serafi - Head of Disclosure and Corporate Governance at the EGX. Mrs. El Serafi spoke about the EGX Disclosure and governance obligations, Egyptian code of corporate governance, as well as about EGX online disclosure system.

This year FEAS organized its 7th Onsite Training on 16-20 September, in Cairo, Egypt. The Egyptian Exchange (EGX), a full member of FEAS, kindly hosted 12 young professionals from Eurasian capital market institutions.