New Jersey Stage January 2015 | Page 63

tional Treasure: Book of Secrets) is Rene Bartlett; and Brian Geraghty (The Hurt Locker and Jarhead) from Toms River, NJ, plays the uncle, forming the crux of the story. The film may be the full-length directorial debut for Green, but it doesn’t look like a debut. He previously directed a handful of short films, and gained plenty of experience from working in various roles of the industry, including editor, production manager, and producer. Green grew up drawing and painting and always knew he would end up as an artist, but he was also always good at math. This led to jobs in venture capital, which, in turn, helped open the doors for him to become a producer. “Producing is a very different side of the brain and a different side of the work,” explains Green. “The creative stuff is like angst — you die everyday. You wonder, ‘Am I getting this Watch the trailer for Wildlike Read each issue at pg 63