New Jersey Stage Issue 72 | Page 115

Zara Phillips SHARE BUTTON by Danny Coleman “Meditation & KitKats did you see the cover? I was thinking to myself if somebody had asked me about all the songs my response would be, they’re really just about the last few years of my life and how I’ve gotten through life. An if somebody said, ‘How have you gotten through your life?’ I would say meditation and Kit Kats because to be honest, some days I’ve meditated and I’ll be Zen and other days I’ve been eating Kit Kats all day,” said Zara Phillips, laughing as she discussed her new album, the trials, tribulations and heartaches of being adopted, her producer Richard Thompson and more. “Some people relax with wine and/or a cigarette but since I’m sober, I can’t do that so I eat Kit Kats! Phillips has seen more than her fair share of the roller coaster ride that comes with being a professional musician but her talents do not stop there; they also include being an author, a playwright, actress, model and a mother. Her roots have stretched from the UK to Los Angeles and are currently located firmly in New Jersey. Zara’s past musical endeavors included stints with Bob Geldof, David Essex, she has also worked with Dire Straits member John Illsley as well as a song with Run- D.M.C.’s Darryl McDaniels but this current project has paired her with guitar great Thompson and her music has taken a new direction. “I recorded it at Trellis Studio here in New Jersey and it’s NJ STAGE - ISSUE 72 INDEX NEXT ARTICLE 115