Neue Debatte - Special Edition - Essay on Left Strategy Left Strategy - 04/2017 - Page 4

ing after the phantom to transform Eu- rope into a fully-fledged democratic conti- nent featuring a capitalistically sound Un- ion of sovereign nation states. A “Democ- racy Movement for Saving the Capitalism and the Nation States in Europe” is an emancipatory fake, is political imposture. We have to judge the crises and the politi- cal and economic dangers for Europe in a much wider context. On Dooming World Financial Capitalism Scientific evidence and insistent warnings are confirmed by humanitarian, war and nature disasters around the globe. Capital- ism is not slowly declining but suffocating on its own rampant dynamics. Around the world operating, economic players, a global network of finance capi- talism and worldwide IT monster compa- nies have left behind their former national affiliations or have developed from the start beyond and above of a special na- tion-state straightjacket. Nation states are losing more and more decision-making authority. They are his- torically outlived and instrumentalized by the new global centres of power which no longer differentiate between” national” and “overseas”, between “WE” and “THEM”. They can only exist by launching an al- ready raging Economic World War against each other for supremacy. Top financial and economic war lords strive for nothing else but the rise of their business figures and just care for their special balance sheets. Their superpower and hegemonial policies leave behind scorched earth in terms of world nutrition, world climate, world resources, billions of war, climate and poverty driven refugees. They will generate the final breakdown of the world economy in ever deepening cri- ses as well as cause the collapse of plane- tary ecological, humanitarian, geological and climatic systems, Forced by the inherent logic of their eco- nomic system they will push the world towards a global abyss - except the peo- ples of the world hinder them in so doing by suspending their perverse financial sys- tem. A Vision on Realistic Grounds Two columns constitute modern Western civilisation. Firstly nation states and na- tionalism mixed up with democratic illu- sions; secondly the absolute validity of private property providing the proprietor with an unfettered power of disposal on matters and men in his possession and hence under his command. We cannot hope to change the way of world financial and monopolistic capital- ism into the abyss by repairing, reforming, or stabilizing it from within according to its rules – as Varoufakis and DIEM25 are in- tending. We have to cut a Gordian Knot by fighting the national “WE’s” as well as joining and building up a global front against global, financial capitalism. We also have to overstep the holy of ho- lies of their capitalist world: the right to rule and command by the legally sacro- sanct private property. We must end the basic shape of a world separating immense wealth in the hands of a tiny propertied minority on one side and billions of disfranchised, their living conditions threatened people worldwide 4