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Reinhard Paulsen E VERYTHING IS AT STAKE ! W HAT TO DO ? TESTING THE BASICS OF DIEM25 DIEM25, the “Democracy in Europe Movement 2025”, was initiated in February 2016 by a group around the former Greek finance minister and professor of economics Yanis Varoufakis as an encouraging pan-European attempt for democracy. With initial enthu- siasm for pan-Europeanism and Yanis Varoufakis’ upright standing against the odds as Greek Finance Minister in 2015 many democrats and socialists joined in. Now, after having thoroughly reflected on what we are doing, campaigning and heading for my enthusiasm has turned into deep concern. There have been too many movements, campaigns or initiatives that started en- thusiastically and soon turned out a flash in the pan, normally because the basic line turned out illusionary. They stagnated and stayed independent, small, political groups, or - and this is much more tragic – they ended in terrible social dead ends. I think of the Arab Spring, the Orange Revo- lution of Ukraine and also of Syriza in Greece. So there was no way around for me to work over the fundaments of DIEM25 pro- foundly not to get bogged down politically in the end. I am a sort of a veteran in so cial conflicts (age 69) and possibly can help by adding substance to our issues. This article is an abstract of the longer test report, which is now available as a pub- lished book in German, a English version in the making: “My dear Yanis … an Essay on Left Strategy and a longer Open Letter to Yanis Varoufakis”. On States and Democracy Yanis Varoufakis is a former finance minister of Greece and the most influential initiator of the der pan- European Movement Democracy in Europe Movement 2025. (Foto: Valerij Ledenev,, CC BY-SA 2.0) The most often used political terms today are “democracy”, “democratic” or “de- mocratize”. We have to grasp this form of government in history in terms of the origin and central task of states, class struggle and capitalism. I agree to Noam Chomsky’s “You can’t have capitalist de- mocracy!” Both are not compatible. There is no greater lie than the central state- ment of capitalist nation states: “All state authority is derived from the people!” In 2