Natal Nomads Golf Newsletter - Page 9

6. Most Golf - Sponsored by: Nomads and Steve McClelland. Pink Chop of the Month cap Points: 17 pts off 10 hcp Keith Gillespie 7. Hard Hat Brigade – No Prize Points: 96 Roy Hutton John Winton Rob Pringle Thank you for the Day Registration Starters on the tee boxes Scorers Photographs Prize Table None None Helen Parker None None NATAL NOMADS GOLF CLUB - PRIZE SHEET Venue: R.D.G.C Date: 23 July 2020 8. Divisional Competition – RUNNERS UP - Sponsored by: Natal Nomads & TaylorMade & Glenbrynth each winning a Bottle of Glenbrynth, 12 Stella Artois and 1 x TaylorMade golf glove A. Division B. Division C Division Runners up: Marc Feher Bob Hall (SN) Ian Crafford Points: 33 off a 9 Hcp 35 off a 10 Hcp 33 off a 17 Hcp WINNERS - Sponsored by: Passports for Golfers, Natal Nomads ,TaylorMade & Glenbrynth – each winning a Golf Passport, a 14 way TaylorMade stand bag and a bottle of Single Malt Glenbrynth each A. Division B. Division C. Division Winners: Sean Phillips Chris Meyiwa Nevin Davidson Points: 35 off a 9 Hcp 36 off a 11 Hcp 35 off a 19 Hcp 9. Best score of the day – Sponsored by Ryan Ringo - 2-night stay @ UMTHUNZI Hotel & Conference Points: 36 off a 11 Hcp Chris Meyiwa