NARM Quarterly Summer 2020 - Page 11

Czech Heritage Museum & Genealogy Center

San Antonio, Texas


The San Antonio African American Community Archive and Museum, affectionately known as “say-cam” or just “SAAACAM,” is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit digital archive and museum situated at the historic Sutton Family Homestead. SAAACAM was formed in July 2017 to collect, maintain, disseminate, and interpret authentic African American artifacts related to San Antonio history in a community-based digital archive.

San Antonio African American Community Archive and Museum (SAAACAM)

Temple, Texas


The Czech Heritage Museum and Genealogy Center is dedicated to fostering educational, cultural, and genealogical opportunities, specifically as it pertains to people of Czech Heritage, by providing genealogical material, sponsoring educational programs, and collecting, researching, preserving, and exhibiting artifacts and manuscripts.

The organization’s goal is to reclaim San Antonio’s Black history by empowering individuals to curate their archives and cultivate a community-driven museum of digitized, audiovisual exhibits. In partnership with several public and private partners, SAAACAM intends to collect, preserve, and share the cultural heritage of African Americans in the San Antonio region.