NAILBA Perspectives Perspectives Fall 2018 | Page 13

Through the generosity of NAILBA members and corporate partners in the past year, the NAILBA Charitable Foundation has been able to award $225,000 this year to members’ local charities. Congratulations!! Wounded Warriors Family Support (2018 Felton Grant) $45,000 Caruso Family Charities $25,000 Mauzy Foundation $21,389 Omaha, NE (Sponsored by Art Jetter, Art Jetter & Company) Lakewood, CO (Sponsored by John McWilliams, Colorado Brokerage Group) Alamo, CA (Sponsored by Jeff Mooers, H. D. Mooers & Co.) Rainbows for Kids St. Louis, MO (Sponsored by The Marketing Alliance) $20,000 Reset Mentoring $16,000 Caring for Kids $15,000 Downtown Ministries $11,908 Delta Gamma Center for Children with Visual Impairments $10,000 Lotus House $10,000 Promises 2 Kids $10,000 Salina AM Chapter of AMBUCS $10,000 Warming House Youth Center $10,000 Leander, TX (Sponsored by Parks LaMarche, CPS Integrated Marketing & Insurance Services) St. Louis, MO (Sponsored by The Marketing Alliance) Athens, GA (Sponsored by Chad and Chip Milner, The Milner Agency) St. Louis (Sponsored by The Marketing Alliance) Miami, FL (Sponsored by Robin Landers, Landers-Stein & Associates) San Diego, CA (Sponsored by Steve Sublett, CBIZ Life Insurance Solutions) Salina, KS (Sponsored by Dex Umekubo, Producer’s XL) Wilmette, IL (Sponsored by Steven J. Brown, Brown, Brown & Gomberg) Jester & Pharley Phund Palos Verdes Estates, CA (Sponsored by Lynne Rosenberg Kidd, Innovative Solutions Insurance Services) $6,000 Jamie’s Dream Team $6,000 Children’s Cancer Network $5,000 McKeesport, PA (Sponsored by Ryan Moad, Underwriters Brokerage Services) Chandler, AZ (Sponsored by Dave Chittenden, The Chittendens) 13