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nailba charitable foundation It’s been an honor, and my pleasure I ALAN PROTZEL 2016-2018 NAILBA CHARITABLE FOUNDATION PRESIDENT have had the honor and privilege to serve as the Foundation Pres- ident for the past two years, and now it’s time to “pass the gavel.” Not that we actually do that, but in the figurative sense it’s accurate. Robin Landers will be a more than willing and able leader for the Foun- dation, as she has proven time and again. Robin’s philosophy is simple as it relates to the Foundation: “We raise money so we can give it away.” The tradition with the changing of the guard is to update you on the big picture. Two years ago, as John Rippinger passed the gavel to me, we reported that we had disbursed just over two million dollars via just over 145 grants. I am pleased and honored to re- port that as of 2018, we have sur- passed the three million dollar mark, with almost 200 grants having been disbursed. From its much humbler begin- nings in 2002, when we chartered 76 members and disbursed $12,000 to two grants, the Foundation has continued to grow and mature each year. That is something we all can be very proud of! A particular point of pride are the Marketing Group Matching Programs. What started out in 2012, the 10th anniversary of the Foundation, as a “10 for 10” matching program campaign, has turned into an annual opportunity to highlight the valuable role these IMOs play not only for the Founda- tion, but NAILBA as a whole. Since 2012, we can thank Aimcor, BRAM- CO, CPS, LifeMark Partners, LTA Mar- keting Group, National Brokerage Agencies, and The Marketing Alli- ance for a combined total of almost $450,000 in donations. All of the grant requests we have considered over the years have been brought to us by our members and corporate partners who give of their time, talent, and money to the charities in their own communities. Some of the organizations are quite small with all-volunteer staffs, while others might be a local chapter of much larger national organizations. Regardless of their size, they all have one thing in common; they provide much needed services to very needy families and individuals who otherwise would be unable to afford them due to economic situ- ations or experiencing a natural di- saster. And, they have a connection to NAILBA via the Foundation. We do good things, and when we can help get that good word out to our communities, we all win. The donors, those who volunteer in their communities, and those who had the foresight and leadership to create the Foundation have my deep appreciation. It’s been an honor, and my plea- sure, to serve as your Foundation President. LEFT: The Mauzy Foundation, sponsored by Jeff Mooers, H.D. of Mooers & Co., says “Thank You” to NAILBA members and Chartable Foundation donors. 12 perspectives FALL 2018