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Terms & Conditions
Sponsor Registration
SPONSORSHIP & EXHIBITOR AGREEMENT : NACBA ’ s 25th Annual Conventionis scheduled to occur from May 4-7 , 2017 at Walt Disney World ’ s Swan and Dolphin Hotel ( the “ Event ”). NACBA , Inc . (“ NACBA ”) reserves the right , at its sole discretion , to change the site , hours or dates of the Event . NACBA will attempt to notify Sponsors & Exhibitors of any such changes as far in advance as possible
APPLICATIONS : All applicants for exhibit space , speaking sessions or general sponsorship or exhibition ( regardless of level ) ( hereinafter “ Sponsor ”) must agree to this Sponsorship & Exhibitor Agreement (“ Agreement ”). Once this Agreement is accepted by Sponsor ( whether electronically , click-through or otherwise ) and received and accepted by NACBA , it is considered binding and fees are non-refundable . NACBA reserves the right , at its sole discretion , to decline acceptance of this Agreement .
Exhibitor Only Registration
Important Dates
PAYMENT : NACBA will invoice Sponsor for the fees associated with its chosen level of sponsorship for the Event (“ Sponsorship Fee ”). Payment is due net 30 days from the invoice date . Except as otherwise set forth herein , the Sponsorship Fee is nonrefundable and non-cancelable . NACBA reserves the right to revoke or prevent Sponsor ’ s Event participation in the event of non-payment .
CANCELLATION : In the event Sponsor wishes to cancel all or part of its participation in the Event , Sponsor must send notice of cancellation in writing to admin @ nacba . com . Sponsor shall be liable for one-hundred percent ( 100 %) of the total Sponsorship Fee . Sponsor is responsible for payment of the Sponsorship Fee irrespective of the reason for Sponsor ’ s cancellation . In the event of cancellation by Sponsor , NACBA reserves the right to use or resell Sponsor ’ s canceled Event participation . NACBA ’ s re-allocation of Sponsor ’ s Event participation shall not excuse Sponsor from payment of the Sponsorship Fees assessed here-under . NACBA reserves the right to cancel the Event or to terminate this Agreement for any reason at any time upon written notice to Sponsor . Upon cancellation or termination by NACBA , NACBA ’ s sole liability to Sponsor , and Sponsor ’ s exclusive remedy , shall be a refund of the Sponsorship Fees paid by Sponsor under this Agreement .
USE OF NACBA MARKS : Sponsor agrees not to use any trademarks , trade names , logos , slogans or other intellectual property owned by NACBA or its affiliated or subsidiary companies (“ NACBA Marks ”), except as permitted in , and in accordance with , NACBA ’ s Brand Guidelines , which Sponsor hereby acknowledges receiving , and which are incorporated into this Agreement by reference . In its sole discretion , NACBA may withhold or withdraw permission to display items or distribute souvenirs , advertising or any other material containing the NACBA Marks . Sponsor may not issue any announcement or press release regarding the Event , or Sponsor ’ s participation in the Event , without the prior written consent of NACBA .