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NO ENDORSEMENT : Sponsor will not state or imply that its products or services are endorsed by NACBA or NACBA ’ s affiliated or subsidiary companies and no approval by NACBA or any of its affiliated or subsidiary companies of any of Sponsor ’ s content or participation in the Event will be deemed an endorsement .
BOOTH SPACE : When the booth map becomes available , Sponsor will be eligible to select a booth ( placement in the booth selection queue is based in part on the date and time this Agreement is accepted by NACBA and payment is received plus any other criteria as determined solely by NACBA ).
USE OF EVENT / BOOTH SPACE : Sponsor shall not assign , lend , or share Sponsor ’ s event space . Sponsor shall not promote any other person or entity , or any products other than Sponsor ’ s , without NACBA ’ s prior written consent . “ Promote ” includes signage , products , demos , presentations , giveaways , and any other marketing pieces . Sponsor must confine all demonstrations , promotional activities , and representatives to Sponsor ’ s predesignated Event space . No signs , literature , collateral , equipment , furniture , or promotional items may be placed , distributed or posted outside of the Sponsor ’ s designated Event space .
FORCE MAJEURE : NACBA shall not be responsible for any loss or damage resulting from failure to perform under this Agreement or to conduct the Event as current-ly scheduled in whole or part as a result of riot , strike , civil disorder , act of war , failure of facilities , earthquake , storm , fire , flood , or other acts of God , or any reason of any kind what so ever beyond the reasonable control of NACBA . In such event , NACBA will make reasonable efforts to reschedule the Event . Notwithstanding any other terms or conditions of this Agreement , should it ultimately be impossible to hold the Event due to a force majeure event , NACBA may retain or will be due such portion of the Sponsorship Fee as necessary to compensate NACBA for expenses reasonably incurred up to the time the force majeure event occurred . All payments in excess of such expenses shall be refunded .
CONDUCT OF SPONSOR : Sponsor shall conduct its Event participation in a professional manner so as not to be objectionable to NACBA , other Sponsors or participants , or the public . NACBA reserves the right to restrict or prohibit exhibits or content which , because of noise , method of operation , content , or any other reason , are objectionable or otherwise detract from or are out of keeping with the character of the Event as a whole . NACBA may prohibit installation or request removal or discontinuance of any exhibit or promotion that , if continued , deviates substantially from the design and description approved in advance by NACBA . NACBA and the venue reserve the right to close , remove or require changes in any exhibit or to remove any of Sponsor ’ s personnel , agents , representatives , independent contractors , invitees or guests who are deemed detrimental to NACBA , the Event , other sponsors , the venue , or the public . Sponsor shall not distribute any giveaways , prizes or collateral that would be considered potentially dangerous or destructive , including , without limitation , pocket knives , box knives , stickers , adhesive decals , helium balloons , glitter , laser pointers , or dart guns . If Sponsor or its representatives fail to observe the terms and conditions of this Agreement , or , in the opinion of NACBA , conduct themselves unethically or detrimentally to NACBA , Sponsor may be dismissed from Event without refund or other appeal .
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LIMITATION OF LIABILITY : NACBA shall in no event be liable for any indirect , incidental , special or consequential damages , or damages for loss of profits , revenue , data , or use ,