My Writing Portfolio Spoken Discourse Analysis

Sinara Isoyan Discourse Analysis Instructor: Dr. Mica Hilson Date: May 3, 2017 Spoken Discourse Analysis Ryan Reynolds’ Baby Calls Him Mama As everyone knows, there has been an unutterable amount of negativity prevailing in our world, with the horrifying fights taking place all over the world, with the unfair and unethical treatment of people by the authority figures we are taught to trust, with the numerous hate that just doesn’t seem to stop. People are starving for entertainment nowadays, in order to block out the negativity even for a little while and fill their surroundings with joy and laughter. This is where our beloved entertainers come into play; they are able to put a smile on our faces and to make us laugh until our stomachs hurt, they are able to make us forget about all of our problems for the duration of their show and they indubitably radiate positivity which does rub off on the people who watch them. When talking about entertainers, Jimmy Fallon is the first to come to mind because he is honestly one of the most adored and enthusiastic entertainers out there, and watching him can truly brighten up someone’s day. He is the host of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon where he invites different celebrities to interview them and what makes his shows incredibly entertaining is the various game segments he hosts that are absolutely ridiculous. Everything on his show is undoubtedly ridiculous in the best sense of the word, and the way he conducts his interviews, his behavior and his rather friendly manner of speaking, certainly appeals to the audience. There is a short video of Jimmy Fallon interviewing the renowned Hollywood actor, Ryan Reynolds where they talk about a topic that is relevant to both of them: 1