My Writing Portfolio NGO Letter - Grant Project

Sinara Isoyan E&C 141-A Persuasive Writing Instructor: Dr. Ken Monteith Date: April 27, 2017 NGO Letter/Grant Project - Revision Faithful Friends of Armenia The streets of Armenia are packed with stray animals, and a vast majority of them either contract illnesses that can be contagious and possibly fatal, or they pass away due to extreme cases of starvation. This is the sad reality and the ugly truth of the situation that surrounds us, the situation that needs immediate attention. We at the DINGO team, which is a non-governmental organization in Armenia with a principal aim to provide urgent assistance to stray animals, are attempting to solve these issues as best we can. We are currently developing a new project, for the realization of which we need appropriate funding. The project includes the establishment of a new shelter home for the stray animals, with proper cages and sufficient food to provide the animals with. We need housing for our animals, because right now most of our volunteers provide these animals with shelter in their homes, but their space is very limited. The establishment of an appropriate animal shelter will guarantee that our animals will get proper housing and adequate food that they need for survival, and it will also make potential adopters more willing to adopt pets, if they see the immaculateness of the animals’ living conditions. For the creation of this project, we are asking for a three thousand dollar grant as that sum of money will help us meet our objective and provide stray animals with shelter and food. A quarter of that money will be utilized for the medical requirements of the animals, such as sterilization and vaccination, whereas the rest will be used to create the new shelter home. And that is why we are asking for your generous financial support, because after all, you are named Friends of Armenia, 1