My first Publication The Creative Space November 2019 - Page 4

Topic “Persistence and resilience only come from having been given the chance to work through difficult problems.” - Gever Tulley American writer, speaker, educator, entrepreneur, and computer scientist. He is the founder of the Brightworks Tinkering School, the non- profit Institute for Applied Tinkering. they commit to getting up since they are not dependent on others for their resources. As they build resiliency, they become ever more passionate about their life and business goals and deliberate in pursuing their larger purpose. They are completely committed to living their best life, and so do not allow outside influences to pull their thoughts away from their focus. They view risk as rewarding, even aspirational as it allows them to follow their passion. Because of this, they are perceived as fearless or at the very least, less wary. 3. They are discerning Those who are self-reliant in nature know that to achieve happiness and success in life and in business they must also choose their relationships carefully. They are aware that negativity in any form is drama-producing and as such, they are mindful not to surround themselves with those who are arrogant, egotistical or greedy. This discernment extends to their desire to create or seek relationships that are mutually beneficial-both at a personal level and in business. They understand that without this, nothing productive can happen for either party. Links to help you build resiliency in your life/business  