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Too much detail ? Well , attention to detail and all the nitty-gritty are a part and parcel of formatting . You just have to follow the instructions once or twice and you will be formatting away like a pro !
In-text Citations and References …
We are left with the mammoth task of referencing and citations . In-text citations in the IEEE format are inserted in the form of digits at the end of the sentence . Each citation is enclosed in square brackets . Citations will be numbered sequentially as you write my paper . All these will be properly referenced at the end of the document .
You can also refer to these citations throughout your paper as you do in the case of footnotes . You can refer to a certain citation dubbed as [ 2 ] by saying , “ As discussed in [ 2 ]”.
You may also mention the specific work of an author and want to cite the information right next to the author ’ s name . In that case , it will look something like this :
Maverick [ 3 ] has stated ,…
Quotes …
If you need to use quotes extensively in your paper , please make sure that they are properly cited . Citations of quotes follow a slightly different protocol . You need to mention a page number in addition to the serial number of the in-text citation . In square brackets , the page number will follow the serial number of that citation itself , making it look like , “[ 5 , p . 100 ]”.
Note that the number occurs before a comma and there is a period before the letter ‘ p ’ that stands for “ page ”.
If you are not using direct quotes but your citation needs a specific page number , the same pattern will be used . If you are using a quote that is more than three lines , you should write it as a block quotation . A smaller quotation will be adjusted in the usual paragraph format .
The Final List of References …
At the end of your paper , you have to enlist all the references which have been cited in the paper writing service . Start off with the number that you have given to the citation in square brackets followed by the author ’ s name .
The author ’ s name is written as initials of the first name followed by the last name . Then , mention the title in quotation marks , name of the journal , publisher , date , and page numbers in the same sequence .
Formatting and citations only become easy with practice . If you feel like you are still not ready to write a full-fledged paper in the IEEE citation , get some help from a professional writer . Look up an authentic writing service to save the day !