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Research Paper Writing With IEEE Citations – Basics | 2021 Guide

The Basics …
The Institute of Electronics and Electrical Engineers has the same basic formatting as most of the other styles . A font ( Times New Roman ) sized 12 , indented paragraphs and double line spacing are all included in the IEEE format . All paragraphs have to be justified with a 0.75-inch margin from the top , 1.69 inches from the bottom , and 0.56 inches from the left and right .
Headings …
There is no title page required for an IEEE-style paper . As an essay writer begins writing , you have to make sure that you are paying proper attention to section headings . All headings except “ references ” and “ acknowledgments ” are to be numbered . The first heading will be in small caps and will be centralized . It will be numbered using uppercase Roman numerals .
Level two headings will be left-justified and in italics ( also lowercase ). These will be numbered by a capital letter followed by a period . Third level headings are to be the same as level two except that they are indented and numbered by using Arabic numerals followed by a parenthesis and ending with a colon .