Music Therapy Clinician: Supporting reflective clinical practice 2 - Page 9

happily attend . Essentially , I want to be attractive . Not physically entirely , but I also want to feel interesting , young , relevant . So after some difficult introspection , I ’ ve realized I ’ ve dumbed down my therapy . I ’ m choosing interventions that are fun instead of challenging . I ’ ve started sharing more about my personal life . I ’ ve jumped to conclusions that clients are infatuated with me because the thought was flattering . And in all of this I think in some ways my efficacy as a therapist has decreased . So now that I ’ ve had this realization , I face the challenge of rebuilding my boundaries and reprioritizing my clinical focus , all in a way that doesn ’ t feel jarring or disingenuous to my clients . I was truly not prepared for this part of working motherhood , and am reminded how crucial it is to examine countertransference and subconscious motivations !
Sara Joy Kuhlen , MA , MT-BC
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