MSEJ October 2017 - Page 10

Congratulations, Vianey!

After two months of working with MSCCN Employment Specialist, Star Henderson, Vianey was hired by the US Postal Service!

Hiring Challenge:

My biggest hiring challenge involved a 3-year unemployment gap that took away from my skills and education, especially in creating my Resume. During those three years, I focused on my online education towards a Bachelor’s Degree in Healthcare Administration. I also chose to remain at home with my very first newborn and as my husband’s support system during the first years of his military career. Unfortunately, employers felt the employment gap showed a lack of experience, possible lack of certain skills, and raised questions as to how the time was spent if not employed. I received several applications stating other candidates were more qualified, but thanks to MSCCN I found assistance and great guidance!

Assistance Received:

Assistance began with an introductory consultation to get acclimated with the current situation as well as possible assistance options and job search paths. The employment specialist (Mrs. Henderson) was great with scheduling appointments, follow-ups, email check-ins, and very knowledgeable with suggestions. She assisted me in creating a MSCCN profile, provided ways to familiarize with the site, and connected me through LinkedIn.


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