MSEJ March 2015 - Page 8


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Hiring Challenge: I was seeking guidance for the next phase of my life. My decision to go into full-time employment and part-time school or full-time school and part-time employment was dependent upon what employment opportunities I found.

Assistance Received: My employment specialist talked with me about my goals and made recommendations about my resume. She presented me with potential employment opportunities.

Result of Assistance: I was hired by to work part-time as a Customer Service Agent for their Virtual Call Center. The hours and pay combined perfectly to allow me to complete my degree with as little delay as possible.

Value of Experience: I used four other job banks/employment agencies, but CASY was the only one that showed this specific opportunity, so the value is incalculable. CASY-MSCCN was also the only organization that maintained contact with me throughout the process — to check on how I was progressing and to offer additional assistance if needed.

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After receiving two months of assistance from CASY, Gregory accepted a position as a part-time Customer Service Agent with Amazon's Virtual Call Center!