Motorcycle Explorer Jan 2017 Issue 15 | Page 3

EXPLORER WWW.MEMRIDER.COM MEET THE TEAM Kevin Turner - Columist LMG - Tech Advisor Liane - Marketing Paul Pitchfork - Journo MEM EDITOR It's Not About the Money MEM Runs as an Honesty bar Hi Riders, I spoke last issue about the anti-snob or to be more clear the elite poor and how much less they spent than you on the same journey... and then wrote a book about it. Good for them. If you feel the work here is worth £1 and a minute of your time you'll help keep us running. But this is not to say in any way that everyone that wrote a book is a knob! Far from it as I know for a fact that people on the author circuit make less than minimum wage when you count the hours they put into their work. Indeed many an author gives their work for free to this very magazine and despite any myths (started by me and the marketing dept) there is not a huge Harry Potter like rush at Amazon after MEM comes out for author’s books. I still work a full time job while doing the magazine and I doubt I will be handing in a resignation or taking a dump on the boss’s desk any time soon. Support Now CONTACT US Mycroft Publishing MEM 26 Church Bank Over Kellet Carnforth Lancashire LA6 1DT 07818447680 [email protected] We motorcycle travellers no matter how far or how remote travelled share something very special. No one gives a shit about any of us. No one is signing a Rossi like contract and there maybe some that get a Honda badge to sew on their jacket and the use of a bike but that’s about as far as it gets guys. Ask anyone who is not into motorbikes who Valantino Rossi is and then ask about your favourite speaker at an Horizons event and you may as well of asked them to prove String theory using cheese string. Chaz Boorman outside of this niche may get a quizzical reply of “isn’t he the guy that did a ride with the Scottish fella who played Obi Wan Kenobi?” So when I see arguments about what a bike costs or the brand they picked it's stupidity or a marketing tactic! We are too small for that crap and could do with just nodding with a smile and helping eachother do what we do. I doubt I’ll be having a meeting with Veronica Bauer ever and I’m damn sure Mortons Media have never even heard of me... and that’s just fine by me. I don’t do this for them; I do this for the readers. As long as you enjoy it then MEM will be here. Enjoy issue 15 James MEM cannot accept any liability for losses incurred by any person as a result of a default on the part of an advertiser in 'MEM'. ©mycroftpublishing 2014