Montpelier Archaeology Public Programs (2019/2020) Reconstruction: Civil War Encampments | Page 2

architectural company, to rebuild these Civil War hut structures. The Salvagewrights staff will instruct you in Crew Chief, Christopher Pasch, on a journey into the woods once occupied by Confederate soldiers to learn what life was like during the winter of 1863. Join us for this unique opportunity to not only learn about history, but to make history. No previous experience is necessary to participate in this workshop. The 19 century building techniques—so be prepared to cut down your own trees! You will also receive several exclusive tours not offered to normal Montpelier visitors. Join Architectural Historian Jennifer Glass on a behind-the-scenes th program is also open to all ages—from tour of James Madison’s home, where you will discover the bones of this historic structure. On the Civil War Walking Tour, you will join Archaeology 12 to 90! If you’d like to live on the historic Montpelier property during your week with us, we have housing options available. “Reconstructing a log cabin on Montpelier's grounds in October 2017 was one of the four or five most memorable weeks of my life. Working with traditional tools such as froes and hewing axes—and being taught how by friendly, respectful experts—was a long- held dream.” —Mike Dillon, VA “The experience was rewarding, fascinating...and tiring! A week of hard labor, but a labor of love. Plus, we ended up with a structure that is now part of the permanent archaeological landscape at Montpelier. How awesome is that?” —Mike Turner, IA