Montpelier Archaeology Public Programs (2019/2020) Metal Detecting

Metal Detecting Program How do archaeologists locate places to excavate? Join our professional archaeology staff as we answer this question. In this week-long program, you will discover the true power of metal detecting surveys! Metal detectorists and archaeologists have a very complex relationship. Here at Montpelier, we bridge the gap between these two groups by using metal detecting survey to locate our archaeology sites. In this immersive week- long program, you will have the opportunity to work along side our metal detecting and archaeology staff to discover the ulitity of combining methodologies. The program will begin on Sunday evening with a catered welcome dinner. On Monday morning, you will join us in the Archaeology Lab for a light welcome breakfast and an orientation session. You will receive a lecture by Director of Archaeology Dr. Matthew Reeves on the history of metal detecting at Montpelier and discover how it has helped us locate many of our archaeology sites. You will then venture out with Assistant