Mommy's Time Out Magazine January 2019 | Page 17

Fitness vs. Health

By Linda Tobiassen & Rebecca Gurski

It’s the New Year, and many of us are focused on kicking those resolutions into gear, especially hitting the gym to get back into shape. But does being fit equate to being healthy? It is a relationship that Dave O’Brien, an inspirational speaker and world record holder, discusses often. In 35 years of running and completing over 600 races, he has never been injured, sick, or missed a race due to illness or injury. In 2010, Dave became the oldest man in the world (at age 56) to complete the notorious 4x250 kilometer endurance races called “The Deserts.” These races consist of 1,000 total kilometers in a 38 week period, carrying everything you need on your back, in the hottest (Sahara), windiest (Gobi), driest (Atacama), and coldest (Antarctica) deserts on the planet. How is this even possible? Dave is certainly a very fit human being, but there is more to it than that.

“I’m able to do them not so much on fitness, but rather because of my health and mental attitude,” Dave says. “I’m also doing it to show people the sheer power of the body to heal if we give it the right nutrition.” During his races, Dave consumed only water, Juice Plus Complete plant-based shakes and vegetable, fruit, and berry capsules. All of that whole food nutrition helped him to combat the extra oxidative stress he generated and outperform other younger and obviously very fit competitors. He points out during his talks that you can spend as much time in the gym as you want, but if you’re not filling your body with the right type of fuel it won’t matter much!

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