Mommy's Time Out Magazine January 2019 | Page 16

How to make a DIY fart noise maker

You will need:

Wire (we clipped some off of a hanger)

a washer

two rubber bands

How to:

1. Create a “u” shape with your wire – this length of wire could make 2 noisemakers. Since my 10 year old wanted to do it himself our first one was a bit bigger than I would have made it for him but the wire is tough to bend. Keep in mind that wire is sharp so be careful!

2. Using pliers bend the ends down to create a stop for the rubber bands.

3. Place the 2 rubber bands in half through the washer and put on your “u” shape.

4. Wind up the washer tightly.

5. Place under a cushion or pillow (or right under you) sit and wait for your first victim.

6. When you’re ready to make the noise just lift up a bit. You’ll get the hang of it quickly!


with Amy Korenman