Modern Athlete Magazine Issue 151 June 2022 | Page 35

Rudolph de Wet I also keep some of my race numbers . Hopefully getting my 20th Comrades Marathon medal and Double Green number this year .
Gert Daniel V Niekerk
Yip , keep my special race numbers , in the corner small I write how many times I have done the race , and my time . All in file , good for motivation .
Jaqi Batt
I wish my bibs would all look as great as yours after the ‘ battle ’! But love my memories ... also in a box still
Lynne Macrae
Get someone to make you a nice big tablecloth ... that will be a fun idea for braais . Or look up people that make memory bears , and maybe they can make you one huge memory bear ... and every few years you can add another bear to the family ?
Deon Augustyn
You can stitch some of them together and make a tablecloth and blanket
Anzelle Kiddie I have mine next to my treadmill . Funny thing is , all of them except the virtual ones still have their pins on them
Angela Westermeyer
I have also kept all my race bibs . I saw a lovely idea to use it to cover a whole wall in a passage , or a bar area , if you have one . You could have them sewn to together in a type of quilt and sealed / covered in plastic ( then you can pack it away , or use as a rug in a spare room , or as a wall tapestry ).
Rebecca Janaway
Yes , I keep mine ... and I like to get odd numbers !
Eloise Heyduczek
A friend of mine had a quilt made with her numbers .
Margi Oconnor
I laminate mine and keep them in a file , and the cloth ones I have sewn onto a blanket . So , they are on both sides .
Andrea Lorna Doig
Meeeeee ! I kept them all ! Okay , so they ’ re in a shoebox , but still …
Tendani Mufamadi
I keep them . I also write my finish time on the bib .
Hugo Coetzee
A friend made me a race bid bag .
Mazizi Ndzimela
Am starting this in 2022 .
Volhard Boerdery
I kept mine , specifically the special ones , and want to make a duvet cover one day … so my running started when we got fabric numbers .
Melanie Brand-van Wyk
I would keep them all and one day in the future , I would choose a wall and make a feature wall from all the race numbers together . Almost like creating a wallpaper wall , but with your numbers . You can even add some event photos where you were wearing certain bibs . Just print them in the same size as the bibs . Perhaps if you want to do it as a wallpaper , ask the company that is going to install it for you to make a collage .
Riyaaz Ismail
Create a huge frame with some of them in it . Perhaps of a set of races . Auction it for a charitable cause .
Yolandé Edwards
I also love my Bibs , I keep every one .
Debbie Powell
I only keep my marathon bibs , which have all been framed with the medal and photo .
Raemond John Mark White
Make a special blanket , give it to a fundraising event for marathon runners .
Tamryn Lowe
Kerry Lowe , it seems it ’ s not just newbies that keep their numbers .
Sandy Kundulu
I use mine as a wallpaper in my room .
Colin Bradley Louw
I ’ ve still got all of mine .
Leandro Blanco Sevilla
My wedding ’ s photo wall .
Maaike Hunter
My sister from another mother , Melissa Packard , can possibly make you a bag .
Andre van Wyk
I made some scatter cushions ...
Road Running
Lisa Osrin
Make them into a stunning Beach bag or towels , picnic blanket or a huge wall hanging .
Sumanthra Moodley
I have kept many of mine as well .
Caitlin Harrell
What about making them into a quilt ?
Mpho Polelo
Still have my first one of Comrades , amongst others , and the T-shirt .
Titus Kiplimo Maiyo
Wow ! love that , soon I will also be keeping my bib numbers .
Oliver Victor Sampson
Divide them up in years , then put them in race order . Print out a little sticker or write in the top right corner , time and date , etc ., have each laminated and bind it like a book in landscape or portrait .
Meintjie Jansen
Also keep mine !!!!
Melissa Weber
I think it would make a great wallpaper .
Thembinkosi Sojola
I ’ m also a culprit .
Jeetesh Keshaw
Love your sentimentality .
Hugo Coetzee
And a Lima nr blanket .
Liezel Short
Ours go on the wall for regular motivation on what we can achieve .
And then are those who don ’ t keep things …
Seromo M Mofokeng Got rid of mine , even the Comrades one . People often label us as hoarders … I thought I was healing myself .
Makgale Moela By the time some of us get to the finish line , there is little left of the bibs because of sweating and the water we splash ourselves with .
Monique Lincoln-Burbidge I kept my 10th Two Oceans one , but have literally 1000 ’ s of medals between my husband and I .
Van Hondoh I can see all your race numbers have got your name , so I will start keeping mine when they have printed my name on them .
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