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Wendy Lee Farrell
I keep mine , too . I write the time and who kept me company on the back of them , and pin the medal to the front of it .
Jill Lategan
I have kept quite a few of my race numbers . Put yours together in a book . I ’ m sure each one holds different , but special memories for you , Gerda !
Fortunate Chidzivo
I do keep them , but only for my favourite races
Sydney Merwin Marques Mayweather
Decorate your Christmas tree in the future
On 16 January , South Africa ’ s Olympian , women ’ s marathon record-holder and Two Oceans and Comrades winner Gerda Steyn posted a pic on social media of her race number collection and asked what other runners do with their race numbers . It resulted in well over 100 replies , including some great suggestions . – EDITED BY SEAN FALCONER
Gerda Steyn
Who else is a fan of keeping their race numbers ? Medals are probably more popular memorabilia , but for me , the bib is special because it was close to my heart for the entire course , always ends up with a few “ battle scars ” and is easy to carry with me when I ’ m traveling . I have lost a couple of bibs , and gave some away , but most of them end up in a box . I keep thinking that I ’ ll come up with a creative idea to put them to use , but I haven ’ t had any yet . It ’ s like a memory book without words , or a photo album without pictures / digital screens . Are you more of a thank-you-what ’ s-next kind of runner , or do you make your running memories last ? If so , HMU with ideas ! # runningonmymind # memories # ilovetorun
Renier Bekker I also keep all my numbers . We have a very high cupboard against one wall , and my special marathon numbers are pinned on the “ wall .”
James Tito Memories of all the pain and joy , stuck on my steel cabinet .
Caroline Lee
Well ... Gerda . If we have our names on the bibs , we would probably keep them too . But who needs hundreds and hundreds of numbers with no name brands ? Life is different when you are a top runner . Having said that .... I also keep all my no name brand numbers . Why ? Crazy , I guess …
Amy Jane Dawson
I have all of mine too ! I thought I was alone in this . I ’ m going to use them as wallpaper in my office / paincave when the builders are done ! I love how many memories flood back seeing them all .
Zolani Ntenge
I only keep my Comrades race numbers .
Naomi Watt
I ’ ve got a book put them all in , and I write about the race to remember it . Nice way to keep them .
Fikile Mkutyukelwa
I also keep my race numbers . They are part of this running madness .
Deborah Matthews Singh
I have never thought to keep race numbers , but
Catherine Jayne Albertyn
I love them , too – here ’ s the wall of our gym at home . what a wonderful idea . You could bind them all in a book . The numbers speak for themselves literally and figuratively .
At Schoeman
Ek het nog van 1978 , en so met al die jare , makliker as medaljes wat bokse vol lê .
Images : Andre van Wyk , Anzelle Kiddie , Chaterine Albertyn , Hugo Coetzee , James Tito , Leandro Sevilla , Liezel Short , Mpho Ploleo , Renier Bekker , Rudolph De Wet , Yolande Edwards & courtesy Gerda Steyn
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