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The dust is settling on Tokyo ’ s Olympic Games and countries are celebrating their new medallists and victories , but in South Africa , our disappointing haul of just three medals is the main talking point , and points to the need for a new way of measuring our sporting progress and success . – BY NORRIE WILLIAMSON





Eyes on Her Goals
Having already overcome some challenging hurdles in her youth , triple SA 100m Hurdles Champion Marioné Fourie is enjoying a golden year on the track . We caught up with the young hurdler just before she left for the world Junior Champs in Kenya and chatted about her hopes of breaking the SA Junior Record soon . – BY SEAN FALCONER



Out of the Box : Meaningful Measurement Required
The Iconic Miles
For over 100 years , the mile has been one of the most prestigious events in track athletics , with many memorable races over four laps of the track . Picking just a few of the most iconic mile races is no easy task , but we gave it a shot anyway , and found a few must-see videos of these iconic races . – BY SEAN FALCONER
Sport Man Says : Where Are My Medals ?
Those were the words of the Minister of Sports , Arts , Culture and Recreation , Nathi Mthwetwa , after the “ poor showing ” of Team SA at the recent Tokyo Olympics , with just three medals won by two athletes . Is the minister right in complaining after contributing a whopping R7 million to Team SA for the Games ? ( For whopping , read sarcasm .) The simple answer is no ! – BY MANFRED SEIDLER
The Entrepreneurial Biker
Young entrepreneur Thabang Mafela is hoping to turn a daily bike ride for health into a possible logistics and marketing business on the East Rand , and then expand the operation to more South African cities . It ’ s an inspiring story of typical South Arican can-do entrepreneurial attitude . – BY SEAN FALCONER
Walk this Way : My World of Racewalking
Many of you will recognise me by my excited voice on race day , or by my loud cheering next to the track . My passion for racewalking is no secret , and I use every opportunity to share it with friends and fellow athletes . This is my first column for the magazine , and I ’ m looking forward to writing many more . – BY ZELDA BOTHA



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Can You Out-train a Bad Diet ?
I get asked this question all the time and to be honest , I completely understand why . I used to be one of those people that thought that I could train hard and then I could eat whatever I wanted . It ’ s almost like being stuck in a cycle … – BY JO HILL
Career vs Living Your Best Life
Advancing in your career often means a higher salary , more responsibility , being intellectually challenged as well as getting more recognition , but can also mean more stress and even less free time , but at what cost ? – BY PAULA QUINSEE
Movement of Change
A positive attitude can go a long way not only to ensuring you reach your goals , but it can rub off on those around you , too . – BY NICK ROBERT
Get the Blood Pumping
Let ’ s get those bodies moving and the blood pumping with this simple but effective workout set . Complete all the exercises as a circuit two to four times , doing 40 seconds of each exercise with 10 seconds rest in between . – BY LOGAN COLEMAN
I am , I am , I am
Everything we say after the words , “ I am …” creates our personal reality , which is why affirmations are so effective in contributing to our happiness . – BY KARYN COWAN




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Nothing Beats a Good Laugh
Runners are known for their great sense of humour , so it ’ s no surprise that the internet is full of running jokes and memes , and we decided to share a few that really tickled our funny bone ! – BY SEAN FALCONER
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