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Have Your Say
Readers with something on their minds that they want to share , including a new outlook on races , tears expected , missing the calendar , inspired by the mag and welcome Comrades virtual medals .
Runner ’ s High
Each month we publish a great running pic of a great running place , and this month we ’ re in the Table Mountain National Park in Cape Town with mountaineer Remy Kloos . We ’ re always looking for contributions , so feel free send us your pic !
Totalsports Run Specialists
Totalsports has become the go-to store for runners . With a wide variety of running shoes and gear from all the leading brands , including our very own range of TS gear , we have everything that a runner needs , to suit every style and level of running , and every budget . And we also have dedicated in-store run specialists to help you choose the right gear for you .

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Henry Cock and Carla Farina enjoying the Wild Coast near Haga Haga during Henry ’ s Mentally Aweh Challenge . Photograph Courtesy Henry Cock
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AUGUST 2021 | ISSUE 144

Henry Cock

133 x 21.1km a day for a World Record & Mental Aweh-ness
Marioné Fourie
Triple Hurdles Champ Has Eyes Set on Glory
Natascha Van Zyl
A Mother ’ s Promise to Run for Her Daughter
Driveway Running
Running Mann Revisits His Lockdown Therapy
SA ’ s Biggest Running Publication www . modernathlete . co . za
Harriet Kruger
Fighting Cancer in Her Running Shoes
Abbas Harris
From Zero to 21.1km in One Crazy Week
Treasure Hunt Prize
R2000 adidas Voucher
Cover Image : Courtesy Henry Cock
Supplement : Meet the Totalsports Run Specialists 1
ISSUE 144 AUGUST 2021 / www . modernathlete . co . za
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Kalmer ’ s Corner : Olympic Fun & Games
I am a huge fan of the Olympic Games , and this year was extra special watching it and experiencing it with my four-year-old daughter , Karli , now firmly believes that one day she is going to be a pole-vaulter , and even did some training in our garden with a pool noodle as pole and a blow-up mattress ! – BY RENÉ KALMER
Running for Mental Aweh-ness
Joburg runner Henry Cock is well on his way to running 133 half marathons on consecutive days in the Mentally Aweh Challenge . He will cover just over 2800km as he makes his way around the South African coastline , from Mozambique to Namibia , and he ’ s doing this not only to set a new Guinness World Record , but more importantly to raise funds for to promote mental health and ‘ awehness .’ – BY SEAN FALCONER
The Running Mann : The Unexpected Joys of Driveway Running
Due to the COVID-19 lockdown , I have not been able to get my usual marathoning and travel fix in for a while , but I have been able to find novel ways to keep my legs ticking over until we can race again . As they say , when life gives you lemons , you make lemonade – and when life gives you lockdowns , you run marathons in your driveway . – BY STUART MANN
Making Her Daughter Proud
No matter what life has thrown at Natascha van Zyl , she has found a way to keep going . In the last 13 years she has lost her mother , was diagnosed with cancer , got divorced , lost her father , lost her brother and then lost her young daughter as well , but she is still moving forward , still running , still climbing , because she made a promise that she would . – BY SEAN FALCONER
Zero to 21 in a Week
Tackling your first ever half marathon with no running training or experience , relying just on your cycling fitness , is not exactly the right way to do things , but as Abbas Harris writes , it can be done . You just need to celebrate the small things , like toasting a kay marker with a GU , and making new friends along the way !
No Holding Her Back
When Harriet Kruger was diagnosed with breast cancer , she decided to fight it with her running shoes firmly laced up , no matter how slowly she was moving . That saw her take on the recent Pondo Coaster Trail Run , and then she did something she wasn ’ t sure she was actually physically capable of , she ran the Comrades Marathon ! This is her inspiring story . – BY SEAN FALCONER
Trail ( Mis ) Adventures : Celebrate the Small Milestones
They say you don ’ t know what you ’ ve got till it ’ s gone , and I ’ ve experienced it first-hand recently ! Maybe I took running for granted . Maybe my physical health , too . Ok , relax , I don ’ t have a terminal illness , but I was still ‘ man-down ’ for two weeks with what I thought was COVID . Couldn ’ t work or run , lost all desire to eat and I was weak and slept . A lot ! – BY CARLA FARINA