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October 2020 MiMfg Magazine 21
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Q : How are things looking for your team headed into November ?
A : Everyone knew this year would be a challenge , with national Democrats and outside groups coming to Michigan and spending record sums to try to take the White House , flip the Senate , and flip the Michigan House . But even with all of that working against us , House Republicans are still leading critical races all across the map , and we remain in a far stronger position than House Democrats to hold on to the majority .
That is because this caucus has the right priorities and has spent years working hard on the most pressing issues facing our state . In just the past couple of years , we have made important progress on criminal justice reform , cutting auto insurance rates , securing support for front-line medical workers , and helping businesses reopen safely .
Good policy always makes good politics , and this is the caucus that has delivered results for the people of Michigan .
Q : What would the House controlled by your party mean for Michigan ’ s manufacturers ?
A : You just have to look at the results of House Republican leadership over the past decade . Part of the reason Michigan went from a one-state recession to one of the fastest growing states in the country is the work this caucus did overhauling Michigan ’ s tax code and regulatory framework . Manufacturers have seen these important changes in two clear ways .
One includes changes that helped local manufacturers survive the recession and later expand and grow to the tune of almost 200,000

Representative Jason Wentworth

Chair House Republican Campaign Committee
new jobs . That includes replacing the Michigan Business Tax and phasing out the Personal Property Tax . It also meant repealing thousands of old regulations , while also preventing any new red tape that is stricter than federal requirements .
The other way is in helping employers find talent that meets the needs of modern industry . That includes skilled trades education , retraining programs for mid-career workers , and quality of life changes like record school funding and car insurance reforms that help bring talent back to this state .
That work isn ’ t done . House Republicans are going to continue to prioritize solutions that make Michigan a national leader in job growth and opportunity . Even now , we are working on plans to further expand opportunities in the skilled trades , exempt heavy equipment rentals from the Personal Property Tax , and hold the line against short-sighted changes to the unemployment system that would cause employers to pay for the state ’ s mistakes .
House Republicans have a strong track record of success supporting Michigan manufacturers and supporting their top priorities . This caucus will always look to the future and what can be done to help make Michigan an even better place to get a job and create a job .
* The unfortunate passing of Representative Isaac Robinson , D-Detroit , left a vacancy in the 4th District . Representative Larry Inman , R-Williamsburg , was removed from the Republican Caucus following a federal indictment on charges of extortion , soliciting a bribe and making a false statement to the FBI .