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The Parties Face Off

All 110 seats in the Michigan House of Representatives are up for grabs in the 2020 General Election . The Republicans currently control the chamber with a 57-51 majority ,* but a strong showing at the polls this year might shift power to the Democrats .
Check out the responses of the respective campaign committee chairs as they share their prospects for success in November and what that will mean for Michigan manufacturers .
Q : How are things looking for your team headed into November ?
A : There has never been a better opportunity for Democrats in Michigan to take back our state House . In addition to exceeding all of our fundraising goals with unprecedented grassroots contributions , we ’ ve seen record-breaking Democratic voter turnout across our state and , now that early voting has begun , there is no slowing our momentum .
Q : What would the House controlled by your party mean for Michigan ’ s manufacturers ?
A : As everyone in this country knows , Michigan manufacturing built America ’ s middle class . Yet despite claims from Republican leaders , we ’ ve seen not only job loss , but stagnant growth and wages in the industry . Manufacturing in Michigan had been down in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic , but even before that , we ’ ve experienced only 1 percent of growth in recent years , compared to the 15 percent we saw from 2012-2016 .
What Michigan workers , businesses and families need — and are ready for — is investment in our state . Putting skills training back in our schools , incentivizing companies to do business in our state and strengthening small businesses , and properly funding our infrastructure are the investments our state needs to make it one where companies are eager to do business .
As we hear over and over from local manufacturers , closing the skills gap is essential to strengthening our manufacturing sector . The Going PRO , Michigan Reconnect and the Future for Frontliners initiatives are excellent steps towards reversing this decline . It ’ s imperative that we expand career and technical training ( CTE ), workbased learning , and post-secondary education .

Representative Donna Lasinski

Chair House Democratic Fund Campaign
These programs are critical to reversing the skills and talent drain Michigan has been experiencing since the Great Recession . Without skilled and organized labor , businesses cannot find the talent they need to fill essential positions .
When Democrats take back the state House , our agenda is putting Michigan businesses and workers first . Passing legislation like the Michigan Jobs First package gives Michigan a leg up when bidding on government contracts so that tax dollars will stay in Michigan , going to companies that will create jobs in local communities . When we pass legislation like this that invests in Michigan companies , we uplift Michiganders , create good jobs , and move our economy forward .
We also need to streamline the process of doing business in Michigan . That ’ s why Democrats introduced House Bill 4838 as part of the Entrepreneurship Led Economic Development Package . This bill would create a “ one stop shop ” for small businesses and entrepreneurs to allow them to connect and streamline services , information , and resources they need to start and operate a business in Michigan .
When Michigan workers and businesses compete , we win . This industry is the backbone of Michigan ’ s economy and will continue to be a crucial part of our recovery from COVID-19 . Taking back the House will allow us to work with Governor Whitmer to pass legislation that strengthens Michigan manufacturing , and put our state at the helm of this global industry once again .