MilliOnAir Magazine October 2017 - Page 79



The planet Jupiter is changing signs from Libra to Scorpio on the 11th October this may find you searching for the truth and wisdom in your life use this probing energy to understand and heal any issues that you have been rejecting. This placement also has the potential to transform your issues into something meaningful so that you fully comprehend them.

Aries (Mar 21 – Apr 19)

Dear Aries the beginning of October requires some good communication skills to sort out a relationship issue. There remains a determination for you to have more independence to follow your chosen career path and the time and space that this requires.

By the full moon on the 5th October an urgent work matter requires your attention and could cause further upset with your partner who is struggling with the fact that all your energy is tied up with your career at present. You may need to explain that this will benefit them if you can stay focused.

You may be feeling quite lonely by the new moon on the 19th October there is still tension in the air and could see you quite restless and mentally reassessing your relationship. On a positive note your intuition is spot on with an investment opportunity which proves to your advantage.

Taurus (Apr 20 - May 20)

Dear Taurus you may find yourself embroiled in a power struggle at work at the start of October. However you are then able to see that the person concerned could just need your help and guidance on a project and may not be necessarily stepping on your toes.

This situation could have worsened by the full moon on the 5th October and you may no longer feel like helping your feeling is that you have been sufficiently charitable but the person concerned is now taking advantage. On a positive note a new love interest could start to become more serious.

Your mind is very powerful by the new moon on the 19th October. However you start to question your career and whether this situation still suits your skills and talents. This may see you becoming increasingly restless and could trigger a surprising change.

Gemini (May 21 – June 20)

Dear Gemini your mind is very much focused on your love life at the beginning of October emotions are high at this time and your love interest is very much at the centre of your life. However there may be a need to be wary and not place the person concerned too high on a pedestal.

There may be a keenness to move things to a serious level by the full moon on the 5th October you feel you have met the right person and are impatient for things to progress but this pathway appears blocked for some reason and could lead to feelings of frustration the time may not be quite right.

You may be tempted to throw in the towel at the new moon on the 19th October the situation is not going your way and your love interest does not appear to want the same things as you at present. Your intuition is strong at this time so consider everything wisely before making any hasty moves.