MilliOnAir Magazine October 2017 | Page 80


Cancer (Jun 21 – Jul 22)

Dear Cancer the start of October may see you concerned about your mother or another important lady in your life. She may just need to talk and would like a sympathetic ear you know all the right things to say at the present time but be mindful of not confusing a situation further.

Diplomacy may be needed as a family matter becomes heated by the full moon on the 5th October and sees you acting as a go between for the two parties concerned. This could also reopen a wound in your own life and make you realise that the full healing process has not quite been achieved yet.

Things seem a lot easier in the family by the new moon on the 19th October. However your feelings seem to be quite raw still be wary of not making any rash moves in this regard this could cause you further hurt in the process. On a positive note your work life makes an exciting turn.

Leo (Jul 23 – Aug 22)

Dear Leo your boss or superior at work may suggest extra training for you at the beginning of October this will please you no end as you have been feeling stifled for some time. There could also be financial matters that need attending to but be wary of any confusion between facts and figures.

You may be feeling that you have taken on more than you can chew by the full moon on the 5th October which causes you some worry it would be better to speak up sooner rather than later. Something could also be said about the love in your life which concerns you.

There could be a need to speak your mind by the new moon on the 19th October after stewing on certain revelations over the last couple of weeks. Your intuition is very powerful at this time with any feelings that effect your home and family so your impulses may prove correct.

Virgo (Aug 23 – Sep 22)

Dear Virgo the start of October could see you deciding whether or not to make an expensive purchase things are good on the work front so you do not see any risk. Be mindful that this purchase is for the right reasons. Your love life could also prove confusing at this time.

You may be feeling very down by the full moon on the 5th October your romantic life continues to be very frustrating and you do not know where you stand. A change is very much needed so whether this relationship ends or transforms into something with greater honesty can only be a good thing.

There is a readiness for change by the new moon on the 19th October you will no longer just coast along as you have done in the past. You may find yourself expressing yourself in ways you never thought possible. Speak the truth and from the heart and you will not go wrong.