MilliOnAir Magazine October 2017 | Page 66

As a business we also place a strong emphasis on Corporate Social Responsibility. We actively support a number of charities such as Turn to Starboard, Cure Parkinsons, The British Heart Foundation and the RAF Benevolent Fund. Both directors were in the RAF Air Cadets in our youth and we also contribute time to flying young cadets in our limited spare time. I consider myself very lucky to have received support to get me to where I am now; where I can add something back I will.

MOA: Top Jet Aviation now has offices in mainland Europe and the US as well as the UK. What advantages do these bring, and how are they co-ordinated?

We are UK-based, but having Top Jet Aviation associates across the globe allows us and our clients to have all the benefits of a global business but providing a local service where required. This means that we can often find solutions that a more localised provider might miss but we will always have someone on hand to talk to. Most recently we opened an office in Antibes, S. France and Las Vegas as we see those as a key area to focus our resources. Within the next 12 months we will be looking for opportunities to expand in to China and Russia.

MOA: What challenges does Top Jet Aviation face today?

Our main challenge is simply not having enough hours in the day. I personally think that it is important to have a healthy work/life balance but that’s difficult to do when you enjoy your work. Of course, this challenge is of our own making and is down to our successes over the past 6 months. Expanding the team, growing the brand and growing our customer base are all good problems to have but as any business owner will tell you, they take time. My personal challenge is maintaining the operational focus of the business and communicating what we do to a global client base - this is simply a never-ending task, but I want everyone to know about Top Jet Aviation.