MilliOnAir Magazine October 2017 | Page 65

Our logo may look familiar to anyone who has seen the film Top Gun. This is deliberate of course. It identifies us with our heritage (flying fighter jets) but it means more than that to us. People generally associate military fighter pilots as people who they can trust, who are at the top of their game, people who will deliver and you will probably get along with. We like to think that we have those qualities along with over 50 years of combined flying and business experience and this is what makes us unique.

To help with growing the brand in the right direction, we have partnered with other like-minded luxury brands that reflect the same ethos: Passion, Commitment, a World-Class service and building strong, lasting relationships with our clientele. Each partner brings something different to truly enhance the 'Top Jet' experience and it is an aspect of our work that we are very proud of.

MOA: Operating in a busy and highly competitive sector, what makes Top Jet Aviation unique?

That’s relatively easy, our people, our values and our results make us different. I learnt this when I was leader of the Red Arrows where you have to be good enough at flying but the point of difference was choosing people with the right behaviours and values.

At Top Jet Aviation, we mirror that process and recruit based on what people are like, we can teach them the business stuff. What this means is that our clients have a positive experience, they refer us and they come back to us again and again.

Of course, business is also about delivering results for our clients, but we are not in the aircraft sales business to make a quick buck, we want lasting relationships that help to build a business that will still be around in decades to come.