MilliOnAir Magazine July 2017 | Page 105

Sweptail is clearly a rather special creation for a rather special customer. But are we set to witness a number of one-off motor cars with drool-factors on a par with those early masterpieces? Creations that will stand the test of time? It would certainly close the door on other aspiring wannabes in this UHNW automotive arena who were thinking that the makers of the 'Best Cars in the World' had just left a gap at the very pinnacle of the market to be exploited. Sweptail proves this is not the case. Whatever your opinion of this magnificent motor car, albeit completely irrelevant, Rolls-Royce has made the statement that there is no doubt who creates the world's finest luxury motor cars. Only one potential point of concern remains. Rolls-Royce will need to guide customers in their ultimate choice of such bespoke conveyances. The customer may be ordering a bespoke Rolls-Royce Motor Car but ultimately it has to be a true Rolls-Royce Motor Car. Nothing less will do.

Whether Sweptail is simply the first of such bespoke cars to be created for a very small number of exclusive customers is yet to be confirmed but such requests will be difficult to decline. At a reputed £10m, the queue for such cars will never be a lengthy one. But for Rolls-Royce, creating such spectacular bespoke motor cars would never be just about creating profit. These cars are wonderfully strategic in positioning the marque at the very pinnacle of its market. Re-establishing the association with bespoke car production, re-establishes the link between the models of today with those that the legend was built upon. Despite the traditionalists that bemoan the direction under BMW's parenthood, Rolls-Royce is in a very healthy position, far more so than before its acquisition. If Sweptail is a sign of things to come then the legacy created by Mr Rolls and Mr Royce is going to be well served. Hats off to that!

Jeffrey Charles Firmin

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