MilliOnAir Magazine July 2017 | Page 104

Turning to the interior and Phantom's design is fully intact. Indeed, why change this perfectly appropriate dashboard design. However, this, as Phantom, is a huge car yet only has two seats, between which sits a chilling unit housing your favourite bottle and a pair of champaign flutes. Another rather nice feature is the inclusion of the two panniers which, when activated, slide forward to offer the passengers identical bespoke attachés. Custom made to hold the owner’s laptop, the attachés are carbon fibre and covered in the finest leather. That's bespoke! The clock is embedded into the fascia, with the hour marks, faces, numbers and hands on the instrument dials, machined from titanium. Much of the interior trim is crafted from Macassar Ebony and Paldao wood, with Moccassin and Dark Spice leather trim on the seats, armrests and dashboard top.

Immediately behind the seats is a wonderful luggage deck with it's pure yacht theme, a huge expanse of wood that has been crafted into a mid-shelf with an illuminated glass lip. There is also a hat shelf, which sits under the rear opening backlight.

The interior is an extravagant exercise in creating the perfect environment for one particular customer. There is nothing else like it. It almost renders all other current Rolls-Royce models, well, rather average. But at thirty, yes thirty, times the price of the average price of a new Rolls-Royce, this is to be expected surely. Sometimes, even a 'standard' Rolls-Royce just won't quite cut it.