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MESSENGER Fall 2012 • Vol. 22 www.midcountycoop.com HONEST Y • INTEGRIT Y • VALUE INSIDE: PAGE 2 General PAGE 3 Energy PAGE 4 & 5 Agronomy PAGE 6 Agronomy & Auto, Truck & Tire PAGE 7 Holiday® Stationstore PAGE 8 Mid-County In Action LET ME OUT OF HERE! That is what a lot of people who have recently visited Cologne have been saying with the road construction sur- rounding the town. Bill Reimers General Manager By the time you read this, the new road (952) 466-3721 [email protected] will be open and though the traffic patterns will change from before, you will still have full access to all parts of the community. We put up a valiant fight to try and get MNDOT to listen to reason, and to minimize the short term and long term impact on the community, but with no luck. Lanes were closed, narrowed, and shortened in the name of safety. We felt that many of the short term chang- es would actually decrease safety at a greater cost to the public. As Winston Churchill said in one of his great speeches – “Never Give In.” So we continue to move ahead and installed a new car wash, we also re-imaged and painted the whole building to give it a new and modern feel. Our neighbors attached to the car wash recently remod- eled their building, and that really raised the bar for us to promote a professional image at our site. Even though we took it in the chin for a few months with the road closure, we are looking forward to a great future, as we just finished a record sales year at our Holiday Store. Agronomy also had a record year. We are here to grow a better crop for our cus- tomers, and we are doing that with top- of-the-line technology such as extremely accurate anhydrous application, Variable Rate fertilizer application (VRT) and side dressing nitrogen on a young corn crop to get top yields. As you may know, we applied side dressed nitrogen on several acres last summer. The results were very promising and we have many customers making plans to utilize this type of nitro- gen management program in the upcom- ing year. Our new John Deere row crop unit for side dressing nitrogen is being built soon, and will be ready for the next crop year. Our energy division had limited growth due to heating fuels and propane this past year with the warm winter, but we still held our own financially and record- ed a good profit. We continue to invest in that department as well. You may have seen our shiny new fuel trucks rolling through the countryside; with larger and improved units we are handling more gallons with less miles. We also painted and reimaged our Green Isle bulk fuel plant and our Cologne propane plant this past year. Our service department has continued to grow in the truck service area. Adver- tising is important, but word of mouth referrals is what continues to bring in new business. We just finished another strong year financially. We hope you join us for the upcoming annual meeting on November 30th so we can share the details of the improvements to the financial condition of your coop. We think you will again be pleased with the patronage dividends you will receive for supporting your coop. As always I appreciate your comments and suggestions to make your co-op better. COLOGNE 710 W. Lake St., Cologne, MN 55322 (952) 466-3710 700 W. Lake St., Cologne, MN 55322 (952) 466-3720 700 W. Lake St., Cologne, MN 55322 (952) 466-3730 Hwy. 212 & Hwy. 284, Cologne, MN 55322 (952) 466-5657 (952) 466-3700 • 888-466-3700 • 700 West Lake Street , P.O. Box 177, Cologne