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YOU’RE IN y r t n u o C Mid-County Fall Messenger INSIDE: Page 2 - 3 Energy Page 4 - 5 Agronomy Page 6 - Auto, Truck, & Tire Fall 2019 • Vol. 36 www.midcountycoop.com Tell me again – what is it that you do? My friends who have grown up in a metropolitan area have asked me through the years, what is it that you do? If someone is not from a farming background, it is diffi cult to explain in detail what an agricultural coop is all about. So I am pretty brief in my explanation. Those of us in the rural part of the country Bill Reimers General Manager have a pretty fi rm understanding of what a (952) 466-3721 coop is, and what its purpose is. [email protected] But sometimes we probably don’t tell the people who own Mid-County Coop everything we do. A fuel oil customer in Wayzata really has had no exposure to our Truck shop. Our Fertilizer customer probably doesn’t know that at one time we supplied the fuel for the cranes that built the US Bank football stadium for the Minnesota Vikings. Being on the edge of the metro allows us the benefi t to have a very diverse customer base. We will serve a farm customer that farms several thousand acres, as well as someone who has 50 acres for their horses or cattle. The opportunities to keep your coop thriving in a trade area like this outweighs the challenges. The challenges include marketing in the metro area, traffi c, metro regulations, labor costs, etc. In regards to marketing, in outstate Minnesota, a radio ad can be had for a very reasonable price. An ad on a twin cities radio will cost multiples of what we pay farther west. To reach our customers we must utilize several tools to tell our story. Energy The energy markets have had some ups and downs throughout the summer. The most noticeable change came with the attacks on the Saudi Arabian oil facility a few weeks ago. Our wholesale prices jumped 15 cents in one day. Prices have backed off a little bit, but not down to the previous levels. Right now supply for the fall looks good. What could change pricing is either a political event in the world or a hurricane that would aff ect some of the large refi neries in the Gulf of Mexico. The good news is that in 2018, the United States produced almost 18 million barrels of oil per day, compared to Saudi Arabia which is at 12.4 million. Holiday of Cologne Our franchise contract for the Cologne store was up for renewal this year, and we have decided to renew for another 10 years. Look for some minor remodeling to the interior of the store, that will include Holiday’s new coff ee program and a refresh of the interior. Holiday of Waverly is now open! On Wednesday, September 18, we offi cially converted our Waverly Store from Tesoro to a Holiday Stationstore. It has been a long process dealing with the weather, soil correction, among other issues, but we are up and running. I hope you will stop in and see the amazing transformation. We expanded fuel off erings with the addition of E15, 88 octane gasoline, and Mid-County Premium Diesel Fuel. Inside the store is the most dramatic change. We now off er the great Holiday coff ee program, and the expanded Holiday food menu, as well as, a great selection of products including live bait. And more... We have been fortunate to hire some great people in our agronomy and energy departments. We still are actively seeking at least one auto technician in our shop to continue our growth pattern of the last few years. Our annual meeting is tentatively scheduled for Friday, December 13, at the Young America Pavilion. More details will be forthcoming. As always, I appreciate your comments and suggestions to make your coop better.