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MID-COUNTY M essenger Fall 2010 • Vol. 18 Our 75th Anniversary Issue www.midcountycoop.com 75 t h A leap of faith in 1935 1935 - 2010 ANNIVERSARY Serving You With Honesty, Integrity & Value since 1935 Early Fuel Delivery Truck Someone was telling me about a new Coop startup in the west metro. It happens to be a cooperative to market locally grown pro- duce. It was interesting to hear how excited Bill Reimers General Manager the people were about this new venture. It (952) 466-3721 makes me wonder about our local farmers [email protected] in 1935, who wanted to start their own en- ergy coop. What a leap of faith it must have been to take their precious dollars in the Depression era, to start a new coop. It was obviously something they really believed in. So here we are celebrating 75 years of Mid-County Coop. I continually ask myself - has our purpose changed? And do we still believe in the cooperative philosophy? Some may think of only the local fertilizer dealer or a creamery as a coop. But I am sure you have heard names like Health Partners, Ocean Spray, Ace Hardware, and Land O’Lakes. These cooperatives are made of people like you and I, banding togeth- er to either purchase or sell our products as a larger group. Our purpose is to show an adequate return to the people who own us. When we look at returns, we naturally view that as a fi nancial return on investment. Sometimes the local cooperative is the only business in the local community with the fi nancial strength to off er a certain product or service. A good example of this is the Agronomy business- the immense amount of capital it takes to fi nance not only the facili- ties and equipment, but the cost of inventory as well. It has become an endeavor that very few private individuals are willing to risk their money on. Or in the case of convenience stores in small or rural towns, very few individuals are willing or able to build and operate a store that may take several years to get to the point of profi tability. First Service Station There are several other side benefi ts to having your own coop. In our case, we happen to be one of the largest employers and taxpayers in the local community. And our employees are serving the community through several diff erent organizations. Front - Henry Leikam Jr., Joan Salden, Joe Salden Back - Gale Anderson, Ant on Aretz, Roman Pieper Original Bulk Storage Fac ility So when you hear the slogan “October is Coop Month”, think about Mid-County Coop – and its 75th anniversary, the Coop you own! As always, I appreciate your comments and suggestions to make your coop better. For customer service at Mid-County please contact Dick, Angela or Julie at (952) 466-3720 Dick Pauly Controller Angela Jacques Julie Clemensen (952) 466-3700 • 888-466-3700 • 700 West Lake Street, P.O. Box 177, Cologne