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Comparing Quantities Using the Math Blocks Comparing Numbers: Greater Than or Less Than To compare whether one sum is greater than or less than another sum, students must focus on the number of items within a certain group (ex. 5 dogs). Then they must recognize that the group is a set made up of the same number of items regardless of the kinds of animals or objects and their sizes before they can compare whether one group is greater than or less than another group. How to Use the Japan Math Block Set For example, students can compare whether a group of birds is greater than or less than a group of birdhouses, using the Japan Math Block Set (Image 1). Why Choose the Japan Math Block Set? Students can learn about number concepts with real-world applications! One of the most important aspects of mathematics education is teaching students abstract concepts using concrete objects. The easiest way for students to see “ ” as “3” is by manipulating physical objects. The Japan Math Block Set plays a significant role in accelerating students’ understanding of number concepts. Date For instance, there are four birds in Image 1. It is very Image 1 difficult for students to understand that there are four birds, and compare which group — the birds or the birdhouses — is greater or less than in terms of numbers. However, when the birds are replaced with the white blocks and the birdhouses with the yellow blocks — that is replacing the concrete objects with the abstract objects (refer to Image 2) — and those blocks are placed Let’s compare using blocks! on the frames, (refer to Images 3 & 4), students can visually compare which number is greater than and which number is less than. By manipulating the blocks with Image 2 their own hands to solve a problem, students get a better Image 3 sense of how numbers apply to the real world. It is important for students to gradually develop their Image 4 number sense by making strides toward understanding the abstract: from concrete objects to math blocks to ten frame cards. 4 For more information, check out Un i t