Math Block Set Guide blocksetguide_min_r3[1] PDF | Page 3

Japan Math Block Set 3 2 1 4 5 6 Items included in each set Item Features 1 Math Blocks (10 in clear case) Students compare, compose, and decompose numbers while naturally building their awareness of a “set of 10.” 2 Math Blocks (10 in blue case) Once students understand composition and decomposition using the clear case, they can practice making 10s using the opaque case. 3 Math Block Picture Cards (10) Students use these cards for counting numbers from 10 to 100 as a substitute for the blocks. 4 Counters (10 red and 10 blue) Students use these to count objects and to play various number-related games. 5 Ten Frame Cards (10) Cards with dots ranging from 1 to 10 work as a bridge to connect the quantity of concrete objects to numerical numbers. 6 Number Cards (20) Cards with numerals ranging from 1 to 20 teach how numbers correspond to numerals, which are abstract symbols of numbers. 3