Marr College Newsletter 05 - Page 14

Issue Number 04 | November 2019 PwC Careers Visit The Business Department were fortunate enough to have PwC in for a morning to speak to Accounting, Business Management and Administration senior students. PwC is a multinational professional services organisation, they provide services to 420 out of 500 Fortune 500 companies. Four employees from a variety of different backgrounds and interesting presentations about their route into their field and career with PwC. The 4 attendees were Oliwia Lewandoska (audit associate - centre of excellence), Alison Crichton (external audit), Fraser Shields (technology risk) and Jamie Lumsden (external audit and ex-Marr pupil). The session was designed to give students a general insight into the world of business, enabling them to work in teams/pairs on case study examples and reflect on their employability skills, as well as finding out more about their career options, and understanding where they can go next if they’d like to find out more. The group shared advice on entering a career in Finance and also shared information about Apprenticeships and Insight Weeks available from the organisation. Students were offered a business breakfast before the event and were able to ask questions and offer their ideas relating to the tasks. For anyone interested in any of the career paths or Insight Weeks available from PwC please see the Business Department. You can find more information in the pictures below. 13 Computer Science Week Computer Science Education week was 9 th – 15 th December 2019. All S1 pupils participated in an hour of code. They joined millions of students in over 180 countries across the world. CSEd week is an annal programme dedicated to inspiring young people to take an interest in Computing Science. This is supported by all the large tech companies including Google and Microsoft – try it yourself at