Marr College Newsletter 04 - Page 18

Issue Number 04 | November 2019 Citadel Leisure Centre Experience Written by Orin Lawson, S5 On the 6th of November a group of 5th and 6th years from Mr McLaughlin’s sports leader and sports and recreation class went to Ayr Citadel for a couple of hours to do a tour of the facility, a presentation and most importantly a spin class. When we got there we went to a multi-purpose room for a presentation about leisure centres and jobs you can get in them, for instance we learned about the yearly pay of a lifeguard and the different levels you can be in a leisure centre and how many people would work in each level. We then went for a walk around the Citadel and saw the swimming pool, the viewing gallery, the fitness room and the gym. We talked more about the Citadel while we were up in the viewing gallery and watched how the pool worked. Then we went to a spin class and did quite a fun, but intense, workout using slam balls and these special bikes used for a spin class. Overall, the citadel trip was very fun and helpful for learning about different work positions you can get in a leisure centre and how you would go about getting one. It was interesting as we learned about how you can have the qualification for one job and still be able to work in all the different parts of the centre. Amazon Trip In October 40 Business students took part in a visit to the Amazon Fulfilment Centre in Livingston. The visit gave our students an all access insight into the operational elements of Amazon’s stock control and distribution methods. The visit included a tour of the centre and a question and answer session with Amazon employees – as well as a free gift for each student which was a lovely surprise for all! Our students asked 17 interesting questions regarding employee salaries, motivation and security of stock. “We went on a tour of the whole building, from picking products to packaging items and seeing the process of the products being delivered to customers on the assembly line. I learned that Amazon offer a range of good benefits for being a reliable employee, for example you get paid £9.50 an hour, you get 10% discount on online shopping and they get free private dental and medical care. My favourite bit from this trip was choosing where we went for lunch (at Livingston shopping centre) as well as completing a small quiz to do with businesses in the centre.” Heather, S6