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“ Get a quote ”. In these examples , it ’ s clear what the next steps are , taking the ambiguity out of it and allowing your clients to move through the process seamlessly .
Another thing we often see missing on professional websites are testimonials that add credibility and authority to the business . Including positive testimonials shows prospective clients they can trust you with whatever service or product you provide , making them a great way to showcase your business — yet many companies miss out on this .
If you do not have testimonials , there are other ways to build authority and credibility on your website . For example , you could use the logo of previous clients , integrate your Google My Business ratings , or even add a stats section to your website to highlight your achievements .
The fourth mistake we see on websites is that businesses often make it too difficult for people to purchase or reach the end goal . Again , this partially goes back to having a strong CTA , but it ’ s also about having a clear client journey . If you ’ re unsure of your own process , how can you expect clients to follow along or even want to work with you ?
In this case , simplicity is the name of the game . Integrate that clear CTA for clients and then make it simple for them to get from the inquiry to the purchase stage . In other words , one click should take them directly to their cart , quote page , or booking calendar to keep the sale moving along and eliminate the difficult customer journey we see all too often .
Finally , the fifth issue is that not all businesses have mobile-friendly websites . Furthermore , many companies don ’ t even realize that the mobile version of their website can look completely different than their desktop version . And when you think about it , many of your customers are probably visiting your website on their mobile devices .
Therefore , you ’ ll want to ensure that your mobile experience is set up similarly to your desktop experience , with the header first and all the other points we ’ ve discussed here included as well . Something else to consider is making sure your website is up to speed in general , for both desktop and mobile . A website with a slow loading speed can really hurt your conversion score because people will leave before they even review or investigate your services properly .
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