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Are you ready to grow next year ? Do you feel you have the right plan to hit your growth objectives for the new year ? As we start 2023 , how much time and strategic thought have you put into your growth strategies ? My guess is — probably not enough .
It ’ s critical to prepare a company for growth each year , and that preparation starts with a plan . You need to think through where you want your company to go next year , what that looks like , and then put a plan around that .
A lot of people ask me about creating a marketing plan and how to develop marketing strategies . You ’ ve heard from me before , and I ’ ll reiterate it again in this article that any good marketing plan starts with a solid business plan . You need to start there . What is your business plan for the new year ? Where do you want to see your company go in 2023 ? How is marketing going to support that plan ?
If 2023 is going to be a year of steady growth — 3 %, 5 %, or even 10 % growth — if that ’ s what you ’ ve historically seen , you may not need to do anything radical to keep that momentum going . However , for companies that are looking to grow faster than the competition at a rate of 20 %, 30 %, or more , you need to do things differently than your competitors . That is key ! Understand where you want your company to go and what you want that to look like at the end of 2023 . Then , depending on the growth rate that you want to see , how is marketing going to support that ?
Let ’ s say you historically grow 10 % to 15 % a year and you want to grow 10 % to 15 % again next year . Is your current marketing plan going to suffice ? Just because your marketing strategy worked over the past couple of years doesn ’ t mean it ’ s going to work next year . Marketing and sales tactics continue to evolve , to change and morph . Your competitors get better every year , so you always need to stay ahead of the curve . What are you going to do differently in 2023 that you ’ re not currently doing that ’ s going to ensure that you achieve your growth goals , however lofty or modest they might be ?
Now that you ’ ve thought it through , and you know what your growth goals are , how is marketing going to support that ? What do you need to do differently ? First , is your current marketing delivering results ? I ’ ll dive deeper into this topic in my other article in this issue ( page 28 ), but is your current marketing strategy delivering results ?