™Marketing Magazine Issue 17 | Page 25

You ’ ve probably heard that with digital marketing , you need to capture a client ’ s attention immediately or risk losing their interest and , therefore , their business . However , you probably didn ’ t know that print marketing can increase this engagement time by approximately 300 %.
This statistic is based on an article published by FinancesOnline which states that a typical visitor on a digital news site will stick around for less than five minutes , whereas print readers usually spend 20 minutes or more with their publication in hand . So , is it becoming more apparent why implementing a robust print marketing strategy is just as important as having a strong digital media presence ?
By integrating a strategic print marketing plan , you can significantly increase how long customers will engage with your materials , which of course , bolsters your opportunity to convert them into loyal , lifelong clients .
When working with a digital media strategy , targeting local audiences to garner more business can be challenging since the content is accessible to all . On the other hand , with print marketing , you decide where the advertisements end up — in other words , you deliver it directly into the hands of your target audience .
When you ’ re able to bring your products , services , and offerings directly to your prospective clients , it helps generate local interest , which , as we know , is a significant part of many businesses ’ success , particularly small businesses .
Plus , buying local has recently grown significantly in popularity , with 68 % of consumers primarily shopping local as a way to strengthen the local economy . By having a print marketing strategy in your tool kit , you can be one of the businesses capturing and benefiting from part of this consumer economy .
When you combine all these points , it becomes clear how print marketing helps improve your conversion and customer retention rates . By increasing your brand visibility and developing a strong brand-client relationship built on credibility , trust , and authenticity , you ’ re more likely to increase your conversion rates and retain happy customers who will return time and time again .
Along with this , your print marketing will garner longer engagement times versus digital marketing , which not only helps people remember your products and offerings more precisely but will also incite them to try your products for themselves . Not to mention , print marketing allows you to home in on your target audience or niche to generate local interest , whereas digital media can , more often than not , end up becoming consumable content for the masses .
Ultimately , when prospective clients can hold your print media in their hands , they get the opportunity to learn more about your brand and see how your service fulfills a need they currently have , seamlessly transforming them from a stranger into a serious supporter .
Print marketing is far from dead — in fact , it ’ s currently one of the most underrated ways to reach your target audience and generate more sales . We ’ re not saying you should scrap your digital marketing strategies ; rather , you should consider integrating tools from both print and digital marketing to give your brand the best chance at success .
Now that you ’ ve learned all about print marketing and how it can help your business thrive , you ’ re probably wondering : how do I find a results-driven print marketing company that can assist me with building a newsletter or magazine tailored to my target audience ? Well , at Tulip Media Group , we have print marketing solutions for all sizes of companies across all types of industries , and we will help you every step of the way — from inception to creation to marketing and beyond .
So , if you ’ re ready to take your business up a notch by utilizing our proven print marketing strategies , reach out to our team of experts today and let ’ s help you achieve the growth , visibility , and ROI you ’ ve been waiting for !
Erika MacLeod is the Managing Editor at Tulip Media Group and best-selling author of The Ultimate Culture . With over 15 years of organizational experience , Erika works closely with Client-Partners and is Tulip ' s liason with their renowned national contributors . Erika ' s first book , co-authored with Stacey O ' Brien , is available on Amazon : TM . media / UltimateCulture